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Mexico is a big country, and there are plenty of wonderful things to see and do. In addition to all of the traditional places to go and things to do in Mexico, there are a few HOT TIPS that add a special flavor to any Mexico getaway. We have included some of the best in this section of Mexico Expo, so you can consider incorporating one or more of them into your next Mexico itinerary. Ole!

If you think you may need the services of an emergency Air Evacuation company while visiting Mexico visit the web site of SKY MED INTERNATIONAL or call them at (800) 475-9633 for additional information.

Looking for additional piece of mind for your next trip to Mexico. In case of a medical emergency it can be a huge advantage to be a member of BI-NATIONAL EMERGENCY SERVICES. Review their web site for additional information.






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    Taking a trip on a train is becoming an increasingly novel adventure in this day of air travel and 70 mph superhighways. But one train ride stands out above the crowd as one of the most unique adventures in Mexico.

    The train which goes through Copper Canyon in northwestern Mexico is highly regarded as one of the best train trips in the world. The train snakes through a long canyon that has been called the "Grand Canyon of Mexico".

    The train passes through and over dozens of tunnels and bridges, offering spectacular views of the canyon terrain. Small towns along the way entice some riders to abandon the train and soak up some of the local culture, before hopping back on the next train.

    The train starts on the west end at Los Moochis, and snakes east all the way to the large city of Chihuahua.

    For more information on Copper Canyon check out the LOS MOCHIS section of Mexico Expo.


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    Less than 30 minutes from the U.S. border is one of the most renown health Spas in the world. Rancho La Puerta has been the secret hideaway of the rich and famous for over half a century, and most of it's business is from past clients.

    A small part of Rancho La Puerta's success might be given to the fact that it is located close to the United States. The Spa is located just outside of the Mexican town of Tecate, which straddles the U.S. Mexican border 2 hours east of San Diego. A larger part of their success is based on their goals to provide the ultimate Spa experience.

    The resort prides itself on it's excellent facilities and holistic programs which have been designed to renew even the most tired bodies and spirits. Much of the food available during the mealtimes is grown on site, and nutrition is a big part of their ideals. The spa offers minimum stays of one week.

    Rancho La Puerta is surrounded by rolling hills and open spaces, and guests are encouraged to leave the main grounds to explore the natural beauty of the area.

    For more information on RANCHO LA PUERTA check out their web site.


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    Cenotes are a spectacular wonder of nature, and are unique to the Yucatan Peninsula! Cenotes are pools of fresh subterranean water which have been exposed to the surface by the collapse of the limestone ground at the surface.

    These pools of water are crystal clear, usually not too deep, and the water temperature is not too cold and not too warm! Cenotes are the perfect place to cool off from the hot Caribbean sun.

    Because the water in cenotes is so clear, snorkelers and divers love to explore them. While snorkelers enjoy the shallow and easy to access cenotes, scuba divers like to explore the extensive cenote cave systems off of the beaten track.

    There are numerous cenotes in the Cancun area, the most popular ones located south of town. For your first cenote experience you might want to try Casa Cenote. This cenote is located just a half an hour south of Cancun, and offers the added luxury of a nice oceanfront restaurant to round out your cenote experience.

    For more information on cenotes drop by the MISCELLANEOUS section of Cancun Expo's Vacation Guide.


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    There are several different places in the world where nature offers a "blow hole" experience. But few, if any, can match the experience provided by La Bufadora, south of Ensenada, in Baja California, Mexico.

    It takes the right combination of rock formation, tide level and swell direction for a blow hole to offer it's magic. And the elements are all perfectly aligned at "La Buf". Incoming swells force sea water into a small opening at the base of the cliff here. The opening narrows as it enters the cliff, forcing the water to spray up and out into the sky. With the right combination of swells and tides the spray can reach over 100 feet high or more. La Bufadora even puts on a great show with small waves.

    The viewing areas for this spectacle have been recently refurbished, and there are plenty of levels to enjoy the show. Public restrooms are also available.

    At least half of the fun to any trip to La Bufadora is checking out all of the vendor's stalls on the way form the parking lot to the blow hole. Dozens and dozens of shops offer almost every conceivable type of curious, as well as food items. If you don't get offered a free sample of a Churro here you are the exception!

    La Bufadora is a perfect half day excursion from Ensenada, located about 20 minutes south of town on the main highway, then west at green and white sign.

    For further information on the area near La Bufadora check out the ENSENADA section of Baja Expo.


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    For visitors looking for extreme excitement, SHOTOVER RIVER TOURS offers high-speed river adventures in a jet boat. You've probably seen this type of speed boat running through narrow canyons in New Zealand on TV, and now this high-anxiety sport is available about one hour east of Acapulco. Yikes!

    The 5 liter V-8 engines on this boat reach over 4,000 R.P.M. and the wind blazing through your hair will blow you away! The drivers of these boats train for over 7 weeks, so the likelihood of a crash is small.

    If the thought of speeding down a river at 60 miles per hour, and then having the driver put the boat into a 360 degree turn right next to the cliffs sounds like a thrill you just can pass up, this is your gig.

    For further information contact the front desk of most large hotels, or contact them directly at 011-52 (748) 4-1154!

    For more information on ACAPULCO drop check out our Mexico Expo pages.


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    Over a hundred years after silver was discovered in the southern Baja mountains at San Antonio, silver and gold were discovered in a nearby mountain area, soon to be called El Triunfo (The Triumph). The year was 1862, and the fever grew quickly as minors from other parts of Mexico and the United States set up camp to find their fortunes. Many of the miners who missed out on the California gold rush of 1849 came to El Triunfo for a second chance at striking it rich, along with those who had hit pay dirt in California, and wanted to try their luck again.

    By 1865 this once-sleepy cattle ranch became a boom town of approximately ten thousand souls. It was, at the time, the largest settlement in all of southern Baja! After 60 some-odd years of mining, El Triunfo finally closed its operations in 1926. Today, as the Baja traveler visits the area, it seems difficult to picture this quaint collection of brick buildings as anything more than just another quiet Baja village. The buildings that are located right on Baja Highway One are very scenic, but the empty ghost-town feel of the area makes it hard to believe that over 400 people still call El Triunfo home.

    The tall chimney and surrounding brick buildings just in from the south side of the highway are the remains of the old smelter. The interior ceilings of the smelter buildings are lined with dried smoke remnants several inches thick from the many decades of operation. As we enter the new millennium, mining on a very small scale still takes place today in El Triunfo, a small reminder of the grand history of this very special Baja town.

    El Triunfo can be reached by taking Baja Highway One south of La Paz approximately 30 miles. The highway runs right through town!

    For more information on the main towns near El Triunfo drop by the LA PAZ and BUENA VISTA sections of Baja Expo.


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    If you haven't been on a cruise ship, you gotta try it. And taking a cruise to Mexico is the perfect combination of convenience and culture. For those who like the idea of enjoying the many aspects of Mexico, but still want to have that comfortable travel format, a cruise in Mexico is the perfect combination!

    Mexico offers 3 completely different cruise experiences. For those with only 3 or 4 days to spare, the cruises to northern Baja are a great way to experience the flavor of Mexican cruising without committing a lot of time or money. For a more involved cruise, the Mexican Riviera offers 7 to 10 day cruising adventures that will give you memories of a lifetime. And if you want to experience a bit of the Caribbean, Mexico can accommodate you with it's delicious Yucatan cruise destinations!

    There are several reasons people who take a cruise return year after year. One of the reasons is the convenience. Can you imagine visiting several different destinations, taking a variety of excursions, and only having to unpack your luggage one time? Welcome to cruise life!

    Finances are another good reason to take a cruise. With the expanding inventory of cruise ships, and never-ending competition within the industry, prices are often down-right cheap. Throw in unlimited food, entertainment, fun people and exciting ports of call...well it's gets pretty hard to justify staying home.

    For more information on cruises to Mexico drop by the CRUISE SHIP section of Mexico Expo.


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    Swimming with the seals in Baja is an amazing experience. There are few places in the world where you can put on a mask and snorkel, dip your head under water, and have these amazing creatures swim right up to you.

    Los Islotas is a small island north of La Paz in southern Baja. The seal colony that resides on the island is a fairly friendly group, and they actually seem to enjoy meeting human beings. They will often swim right up to your mask, and then dart away at the speed of anchovies at the last minute.

    There are several "rules of the road" for swimming with the seals. It is important to be aware of the relationship between the mother seals and her pups. Get to close to a pup when mom's watching and mom might just poke you with her snout. Yikes! Also it is important to remain offshore of the island, and to not set foot on the island. This is a natural habitat for these fine creatures, and staying clear of their home is a good way to show your respect.

    Water temperatures in the area run in the 80's during the summer season, and drop down into the mid 60's by winter. The weather is usually warm and clear all year long.

    Panga boats to Los Islotes are usually available at Playa Tecolote, northeast of La Paz.

    For more information on Los Islotas and check out the LA PAZ section of Baja Expo.


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    If you are one of those people who have thought about taking a Club Med vacation, but didn't understand the concept enough to book a trip, it's time to give it a second look. It just might be the best vacation you ever took!

    First about the concept of a Club Med vacation...that easy. Club Med vacations are all about one! If you are not interested in fun, go back to your office, sharpen that pencil in your pocket protector, and get back to work. Club Meds are not for you.

    If staying at a resort where the main goal is fun sounds good to you, then read on.

    Your good buddy Carlos Fiesta has taken more vacations than is legally permissible in most countries, and has yet to find a better place to unwind and play than at Club Med resorts. And it's not for lack of searching.

    Some of the things Club Meds are known for include unlimited food, unlimited beer and wine with all meals, watersports, daily activities, evening entertainment, plus excursions to cool places near the Club. One of the best things about the Mexico Club Meds is the locations. The good folks in France who own the Club Meds got up pretty early in the morning to garner the best locations for their resorts. This means you get to benefit from their planning ahead.

    Another nice thing about a Club Med vacation is the people you meet. The vast majority of the people you meet at a Club Med are enjoyable folks, and add miles of depth to your Mexico getaway.

    Fortunately for the folks in the western hemisphere (for those of you that are geographically impaired that includes the Unites States and Canada) Club Med has 5 great Clubs to enjoy the warmth of Mexico. These Clubs are located on the Sea of Cortez, mainland Pacific Coast and on the Caribbean side of Mexico. You pick the general location and they've got a location with your name on it!

    For more information on the Mexico Club Meds check out the CLUB MED section of Mexico Expo. And for more information on Club Meds in general drop by the main web site of CLUB MED.


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