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Carlos Fiesta has a passion for Mexico! He first experienced Mexico as a young boy much like other tourists, visiting the shops in Tijuana on Revolucion Avenue, eating churros and getting his picture taken with the zebra-striped donkeys. As a college students Carlos began to slip across the border to enjoy the surf, cold beers and hot tacos. Soon his casual interest in Mexico evolved into a full-blown love affair. Studying maps, magazine articles and travel guides Carlos' trips became more frequent as he continued to discover and enjoy the diverse flavors of this enchanting country.

Over the decades Carlos has immersed himself in many of the joys offered by Mexico. He has explored Mexico on foot, by horse, inflatable dingy, kayak, motorcycle, dune buggy, boat, car, truck, and motor home. As a pilot he has explored Mexico's wide open skys by airplane and helicopter, and as a Scuba diver he has explored Mexico's spectacular oceans and reefs. And the adventure continues!

In 2001 Carlos bought a 19 foot panga with a 40 horsepower outboard motor and traveled over 2,000 miles from Los Angeles Harbor around Mexico's Baja Peninsula to the mouth of the Colorado River. Soon to be a book, most of the story is now on the web as an on-line publication "A Yuppie Pushes 50".

With the advent of the Internet in the mid 1990's Carlos began to document his travels and publish information on the web to help other travelers wanting to enjoy Mexico. In 1996 he designed his first travel guide about Mexico's Baja Peninsula, Baja Expo. This in-depth Internet site soon gained a large audience and was eventually followed by additional Internet travel guides covering Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and the various travel locations of mainland Mexico. These sites are now all located in the main travel guide of Mexico Expo, which has become the largest travel guide for Mexico on the Internet.

Carlos lives with his family in California and continues to travel to Mexico on a very regular basis. Along with the support of other web professionals and fellow Mexico travelers, he continues to add information and expand his travel guides every day when he is not in Mexico. He has answered hundreds of personal e-mails over the years from travelers who want additional information before heading to Mexico.

The web sites of Mexico are not part of any large Internet company. These sites (all 680+ pages and counting) are all just one man with a passion for Mexico pounding on the keyboard of his computer night after night, with an occassional break to watch Sienfeld reruns or drink a cold Snapple. In short, he is an average person just like you...striving to make a few bucks to finance his next trip south of the border.

Carlos tries to set an example for others who find it hard to take the time to travel. His advice is simple..."pick a destination, block out the time in your calendar, and go for it. The money, job, family and other real-life realities will melt into place like butter on a warm flour tortilla."

So relax, pull up your imagination and enjoy your travels through Mexico Expo. Remember, planning your next trip to Mexico is half the fun!